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Quarantine Chic at Home and in Your Bedroom

Quarantine Chic at Home and in Your Bedroom

Posted by Aline Martin O’Brien on Apr 29th 2020

Haven’t you heard? Quarantine Chic is the new trend. Because we have to stay home to stay safe, it is “quarantine chic” every day for billions of people for an indeterminate period. The challenge is to keep it fresh, fun and fashionable, i.e., “chic.”

This quarantine journey is an intrusive and uninvited pause in our life, but it can also be an opportunity to get the sleep and relaxation that our bodies frequently lack. This period can also be an occasion to treat yourself right, and get your home in order, from your bedroom to your wardrobe.

In times of confinement, fashion trends naturally towards loose and comfortable clothes. And since fashion is essentially a reflection of trends and changes in society, this mass confinement could significantly influence future fashion and wardrobes. Under confinement our outfits and wardrobes are all about comfortable clothing, which could trigger a major fashion turning point as consumer society takes a turn towards minimalism and practical athleisure.

You can choose to live in your sweatpants or you can decide to avoid that funky feeling that comes with day after day of the same clothes, same room, and same decor. Here are some ideas to keep it fresh:

  • Although people are dressing down during this time, you can go for a chic cozy casual feeling and upgrade the comfort in your bed by adding a smart home pillow, comforter or mattress pad. Get out your nicest pajamas and most stylish dressing gown, matched with your fabulous bed linen, and get into the spirit of the Quarantine Chic.
  • Avoid the “pillow head” hairstyle, especially for your video conferences, FaceTime and Zooming.
  • It is a good idea to wear real shoes occasionally, so your feet do not expand too much into your slippers.
  • Try new products in your bedroom, such as cotton bedding alternatives, or eco-friendly bedding, which uses more organic and sustainable products.

In contrast to the casual Friday routine adopted years ago in many offices, and given the exceptional context of the mass confinement, the ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel launched the #FormalFriday movement. The Formal Friday ritual consists in putting on a dressy or very neat outfit for Friday conference calls, dinner and time with the family.

According to Mr. Kimmel, and this opinion is shared by a good number of people, it is important not to stay in underwear all day (or all week), "and to put on pants for at least two hours a day". This practice of spending the full day in underpants is getting noticed, and even the New York Times headlined the practice on April 3, 2020: “Getting Tipsy at Home in Your Underwear“.

Instead of spending your day in your underwear, we suggest that you try on a swimming suit and transform your bedroom into a breezy oasis, especially since summer is coming. To maximize the opportunity of this enforced free time, you can contact our customer service representatives for assistance and expert advice in the fun project of upgrading your bedroom.

And of course we love the new #pillowdresschallenge on instagram (Blog thumbnail credit thanks to @moll1y via instagram).

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