30 night risk-free guarantee

How it Works

  • Support Science

    We’re bringing science to subjectiveness by working with 3rd party labs to validate the level of support each pillow provides so that every time you buy from us, you’re getting the same support level.

  • InstaChill™ Technology

    Starts working on contact with a cool to the touch feel. As you sleep, it works hard to move the body heat typically stored in pillows and mattresses away from your body to keep you cool.

  • Comfort Quilting

    Our innovative approach to meeting all of your comfort needs. The small quilt design keeps the fill in place to prevent cold spots while the large quilting helps with warmth retention and the loft that makes it compulsively usable.

  • Intelli-Grip™ Side Panels

    No slips here! While most mattress pad side panels just have a flimsy elastic band, we’ve outfitted ours with no slip technology. This band is far from ordinary and is designed to grip the underneath of the mattress.

    Our smart little grips line the sides of the side panels as well, helping it stick in place through everyday use.