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INTELLI-PEDIC™ ComfortOne™ All Seasons Comforter

INTELLI-PEDIC™ ComfortOne™ All Seasons Comforter

ClimaSmart™ fabric & fill combined with our patent-pending Comfort Quilting design regulates temperature, keeps fill in the right spots, all to keep you in the comfort zone.

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  • Comfort quilting

    Smaller quilting keeps the fill from shifting & reduces cold spots. Larger quilting allows for higher warmth retention & loft.

  • ClimaSmart XPTM Fiber Fill

    Responds to changes in temperature & humidity to keep you at a more comfortable level.

  • ClimaSmartTM fabric

    100% cotton is breathable, lightweight, & super soft with moisture wicking & anti-microbial technologies.

  • Moisture WIcking

    Pulls moisture from the body for cool uninterrupted sleep all night long.

  • Anti-microbial

    Keeps your bedding cleaner between regular washings.

The search for the one comforter to keep you cozy all year long has ended. The ComfortOne™ Comforter delivers advanced temperature regulation and a unique patent-pending construction to deliver targeted comfort and durability.

This innovative quilt pattern is just what you need to get your sleep on. The smaller quilting at the top and bottom knocks out cold spots and keep your hands and feet at their ‘just right’ temperature. While the large quilting in the center keeps your core toasty.

Soft, breathable, ClimaSmart™ cotton fabric delivers advanced temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial technology to provide you with the most comfortable night’s rest. Our technology works hard to keep you cool or warm you up when you need it.

Inside is our ClimaSmart XP™ fiberfill. This fill combines the best of temperature & humidity control with the best in support to keep you right in your comfort zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What warmth level is this comforter?

This comforter gives you year round warmth; perfect for all 365 nights. With ClimaSmart™ fabric & fill, this comforter was made to keep you at your ‘just right’ temperature.

I have bad allergies, is this comforter a good choice for me?

Yes, not only is it hypoallergenic but contains luxurious down like comfort, without the down filling.

Can I wash this comforter?

Absolutely! No need to prewash. Since our packaging is rolled and compressed, when you first open your product, pop it in the dryer to fluff it up. Don’t have a dryer? That’s fine! Just let it air out to breathe and fluff by hand.

For extra protection, use a duvet cover with breathable fabric to keep your comforter looking like new.

So fresh and so clean! We recommend washing your comforter once per year and drying (to fluff and freshen) every 3 months. When washing, make sure the comforter is completely dry. This may take more than one drying cycle, but it’s 100% worth it for that fresh bedding feel.

Is this a 100% cotton comforter?

Although the fabric is 100% cotton, the inside filling is our performance down alternative polyester filling.